The crafty vaporizer is one of most amazing portable vaporizers in the entire vaping industry. The crafty was manufactured by the storz and bickels, same producers of the mighty portable and the volcano desktop vaporizers. The storz and bickels have truly kept to their words which is to be the first in every market producing lovely and amazing vaporizers that can compete favorably in every market space. The craft and tech featured in the crafty vaporizer truly shows it is a German brand. Let’s get to see the bag of functionalities accompanied by this amazing smoke piece.
Design and build quality
The crafty vaporizer feels very well made that is it portrays a sense of quality when seen and especially when it is held in the hands. The crafty vaporizer is a true definition of a good work of art, the body is made from rigid plastic material most of which is vented and from my assumptions, these vents helps to dissipate excess heat from the chamber which makes the unit not to be too hot to hold.
The crafty is not precisely the best unit to conceal as it offers quite a commendable discretion when placed in the pockets but when compared to devices such as the Pax 3 and the firefly 2, the crafty might be seen as been bulky. The crafty weighs about 135g while having a size dimension of 4.3″H x 2.2″L x 1.3″ and the vented design makes it comfortable to hold in the hands. The mouth piece of the crafty vaporizer is interesting to draw vapor from and it is recommended that you do an easy wipe before using.
Battery Life & Charging
The crafty vaporizer uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery which takes about 2 hours to charge full when down completely. A full charge on your crafty vaporing unit will earn users an average usage time of about 45 minutes which should be equivalent to about 3 sessions of about 12-15minutes per session. Personally I felt the crafty should have stepped up their game in terms of battery life as most portables in the market today gets between 60- 90 minutes of usage time.
The charging method of the crafty is via a standard USB adapter which is something to compliment as you can charge them from laptops and you can use them even in your car.
Something else that’s nice about the charger is that it uses a standard micro-USB adapter, so you can easily and inexpensively buy additional chargers and keep them wherever you need them, even in the car.
When the crafty is turning off, the LED lights blinks while the unit vibrates, and every time you turn the unit on and off it’ll also indicate how much battery power is left indicated by a blinking blue light at different speeds. So the slower the blue light blinks, the more battery life you have left.


Performance & Vapor Quality
The performance of the crafty vaporizer is indeed commendable and this is due to the efficiency at which it vaporizes dry herbs. Featuring a dual heating system, the crafty comes with two preset temperature levels which can be adjusted via the smartphone app. With the default temperature of 180˚, you can get really strong draws from this unit while maintaining a very smooth and tasty vapor flavor all through the session. You experience little or no draw resistance when you vape from the crafty.
Cleaning and maintenance
Cleaning and maintaining your vaporizing unit is paramount to the quality of flavors you hope to get from your unit. For the crafty, it is recommended that a pre cleaning be done which involves using the brush to wipe the herb chamber clean leaving no herb particle behind. This pre- cleaning session makes it easy for the main cleaning session which is done once in a while.
Overall, the crafty vaporizer is indeed and amazing vaporizer which offers good quality vapor flavors at a quite affordable rate. If I were to score the crafty on a scale of 10, the crafty will get a score of 9.2.