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E-cig are referred to as electronic cigarettes and by definition, they are devices designed to deliver nicotine or other chemicals ingredients in herbs to users in the form of vapor. E cigs helps stimulate smoking of tobacco among users but fortunately it does not involve burning of tobacco meaning you do not have to worry about risk of harmful toxins to your lungs. Just like vaporizers and Box Mods, E-cigs are battery powered and in their design they look just like the conventional or regular cigarette you purchase down the street but then one advantage of E-cig is that combusting of tobacco is eliminated which means that tar and harmful toxins of carbon monoxides are eliminated considerably, contrarily to regular cigarette.


disposable ecig
disposable ecig

Some of the major components of E-gigs includes the heating element, the cartridge which houses the liquid containing nicotine, flavors and other chemicals. The heating element functions to heat this nicotine liquid content thereby converting it to vapor and subsequently inhaled by users. Well this is the reason why people see E-cigs like vaporizers but they definitely differ and in this comparison session more light will be thrown in that line.
Herbal vaporizers by definition are devices which are employed to deliver the active ingredients in herbs example THC and CBD contents of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes. Herbal vaporizers are not necessarily peculiar to cannabis because we have other form of herbs consumed by stoners out there like tobacco, hashish and many more herbs. So any vaporizing unit that functions to deliver active ingredients from any herbal material be it in flower form or concentrate form is referred to as an herbal vaporizer. These herbal vaporizer could exist in different forms ranging from portable vape pens to the bulky and conspicuous desktops, all of which have same working principle. Now let’s lodge into comparisons between E-cigarettes and weed vaporizers but before I do this, let me re-iterate that both E-cig and herbal vaporizers are used for vaping. That is vapor is produced from both devices since the plan materials are heated not burnt.
E-cig or cig-alikes as they are usually called tends to recreate the feeling and the taste of smoking regular cigarettes as they are made to look like regular cigarettes.so portable in size and possess a simple set up which makes them easy to use. Herbal vaporizers on the other hand except for vape pens do not look or give a feel of regular cigarette and they obviously functions differently from e-cigs. Since e-cigs were meant to recreate conventional cigarette, nicotine is the only content of e-cig and it is filled into the cartridge and with the aid of the heating element, liquid nicotine is converted to vapor in seconds. While herbal vaporizers on the other hand delivers active ingredients from various plant materials as it is desired by the user and this could include nicotine from tobacco, THC from weed etc.
Herbal vaporizers in their nature are more preferable to e-cigs because they allow users to customize their vaping temperatures and adjust setting such as vibration alerts. so if you desire a type of vaporizing unit that allows you to have a complete control of your device then the herbal vapes would just be perfect vape for you. e-cigs are often less expensive than herbal vaporizers and this is obviously due to the functionalities that herbal vaporizers comes with and when we talk about battery life the e-cigs do not have long battery life compared to herbal vaporizers.
On a final note, both devices are meant for delivering vapor from plant materials but the E-cigs are specialized in delivering nicotine from tobacco plant. Their design features also differ considerably and while the herbal vapes can exist in different forms of pens, portable and desktops, the E-cigs are crafted to look like cigarettes or cig alike as many will call it.
Different types of herbal vaporizers are present in the vape market today which means ine needs to be careful so as not to end up with a poor quality vape. Visit Namaste vapes for high quality herbal vaporizers.