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Smoking is not right in a broad sense and to be more precise it is bad to venture in smoking because burning plant materials and inhaling the smoke afterwards is obviously dangerous to your health so we must decease from it or as find a somewhat better approach to consuming this plant materials since some of them particularly weed has a significant and undeniable benefit to the human health. For tobacco products, I do not know what to say because they smell bad, gives you a bad breath, unacceptable in the society and can lead to cancer which will cause death eventually. But we have good news for lovers of nicotine as there is a newly found way to make the most of your nicotine without burning or combusting them and this methods are referred to as vaping. Vaping can be possible via electronic cigarettes or vaporizer. Let’s talk about vaporizers. What are vaporizers?
The lanes of history will reveal that the idea of vaping was birthed as far back as 1930 and after some years, prototyped of vaporizers were seen and later commercialization took place bringing about vaporizers we know today. The history of vaporizers is definitely going to be a topic for another day. What we hope to unravel for this session is what vaporizer really are.

The Pax 3
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Vaporizers are the modern methods that allows users enjoy herbs and other materials like waxes and e-liquids without having to turn on a lighter. The vaporizer heats up your herb or your material just before their combustion temperatures are reached. Vaporizing materials have proven to be effective in elimination of harmful materials as related to smoking. This toxins are capable of causing lungs and respiratory diseases and can also result in cancer. In a nut shell, vaporizers are smokeless devices that heats up your desired plant materials like marijuana or tobacco and releasing the active ingredients at just the right time before the materials combusts. One amazing thing about the vaping process is that you get a similar feeling from your material as if you were smoking it but with fewer potency to cause harm to the user. In other words, vaping is much healthier for your lungs in comparison to smoking.
Vaporizers employs two heating methods in vaporing plant materials which could be either dry herbs or concentrates, these two heating methods includes the conduction and the convection heating method , both of which have their merits and demerits.
In conduction vaporizers, the material to be vaporized is made to have a direct contact with the heating element of the vaporizer and when the material is heated, vapor is released which flows through the vapor path to the mouth piece. While in convection, hot air emanating from the chamber is used to vaporize dry herbs which means there is no direct contact between the heating element and the material. The convection heating method is the most recommended heating method for vaporizers though in recent times we are beginning to see hybrid vapes that is utilizing both conduction and convection heating methods though conduction is basically utilized to pre heat the bowl while convection takes the rest of the show.
Vaporizers comes in different sizes and designs, so depending on your vaping needs you can buy a vape that suits you in the best possible way. They could be in the form of vape pens which look more like E-cigs, they could also exist as portables or desktops. Portables and vape pens allow you to conceal your unit, giving you a maximum discretion while desktops offer very little or no discretion when used in public. So depending on your lifestyle, you can get a very amazing vaporizing unit that will tune your vaping experience to the positive side.
Though vaporizers have not been certified by any health licensing body to be safe for use, but yet they have proven to offer a very clean and pure vapor to smokers and in recent times we have heard that vaporizers can be used as a tool to make smokers quit the addiction.